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Free Water & Wine


Express Manicure (20 mins)  

Includes all trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, lotion massage, sugar scrub and finishing with your choice of color.

Deluxe Manicure (30 mins)  

All the benefits of a manicure, plus an exfoliating hand massage to remove dry and dead skin revealing new, smooth skin. Followed by stone and creative brand lotion massage treatment and hot towels.

Beellagio Manicure (40 mins)  

The same as Organic Manicure with the polish to end this treatment. (Your choice with 2 specific treatment of Organic & Natural Spa body line)

Gel Polish

Gel Polish  
W/French or American add  
Gel Polish with Manicure  
Gel Polish + Mani./White Tip  


Basic Spa Pedicure (35 mins)  
Basic Spa Pedicure Men  

Delight your feet with our sole saving treatment includes nail trimming and shaping, callus treatment, cuticle grooming and buffing followed by a smoothing massage and hot towels.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure (40 mins)  

An extension of our Basic Spa Pedicure includes exfoliation scrub. Creative brand name lotion massage with hot towel wrap.

Organic Pedicure  

Please Choose Your Flavor


Want to clear your head, relax your nerves, or soothe your emotions? Ease your migraines and clear sinus of lung congestion with this stimulating and penetrating, anti-inflammatory herb that clears the brain and helps concentration. Can also relieve tired feet and mind, pain, muscle spasms, itching, and cramping.


Helpful to treat jet leg, clear the head, and relieve fatigue. This antiseptic and effective cleansing astringent herb relieves cramps and reduces headaches and irritability. Also, relieve rheumatic and other pain; relaxes nerves, muscles and joints, digestive, immune, and nervous systems; and prevents drowsiness.


Feeling overworked or nervous? Try a powerful mental stimulant to invigorate yourself, restore vitality, relax your nerves, and aid memory and concentration. Also, an antiseptic, astringent, and antioxidant that can relieve muscle pain, lung congestion, and sore throat; improve digestion and appetite; increase circulation; and encourage dry, mature skin to produce more of its own natural oils.


Treat yourself to a sense of determination and confident. This calming and warming herb relieves inflammation and is good for poor circulation; sore; cramped, or aching muscle; nausea, rheumatism, arthritis, sprains, and fatigue.


May help to calm, promote sleep, to relieve emotional stress, tension and sharpen the mind.


The most popular oil in aromatherapy. This soothing, balancing, and relaxing herb helps ease anger, anxiety, nervousness, stress, insomnia, headaches, and PMS. Ease away your exhaustion, insomnia, irritability, and depression. Also, a cell regenerator that prevents scaring, slows the development of wrinkles and speeds the healing of bruises and burns. This antiseptic, circulatory stimulant relieves muscle pain, spasms, and cramping. Soothe your tired muscles and give a boost to your immune system and help ward off the cold and breathing.

Green Tea  

Fight the effect of aging. Make your skin glow, heal blemishes, soothe rashes, and reduce body odor. Recommended to relieve headache, to combat depression, and prolong life. Detoxify with this antioxidant, reduce cellulite, and help provide protection from free radical damage.

Chocolate Latte  

Chocolate has become increasingly popular in the U.S. skincare industry. It is rich in antioxidants which help to rejuvenate and prevent aging to the skin, while at the same time keeping it soft and lovely.


Rejuvenating Vitamin C adds clarity, brightness, and firmness to your skin's complexion. Moisture balancing.


May help to inspire, center, re-energize and re-charge.

Cherry Blossom  

Enjoy and embrace the graceful and elegant scents.


This sweet heady aroma helps to energize and uplift.


Uplifting, stimulating and energizing scent from a super fruit.

Nail Enhancement

Full Set

Acrylic Nails  
Solar Nail Whole Color  
Solar Nail/Pink & White  
Solar Nail Color Tip  
Crystal Gel  


Acrylic Nails  
Solar Nail Whole Color  
Fill-in Different Color  
Solar Nail/Pink & White  
Pink Fill Only  
Solar Nail Color Tip  
Crystal Gel  

Signature Nail System (New)

*** Mini manicure available for nail enhancement.

Full Set

SNS Pink & White  
SNS Color Tip  
SNS Natural  
SNS Color  


SNS Pink & White  
SNS Color Tip  
SNS Natural  
SNS Color  

Additional Services

Acrylic Remove  
Acrylic Remove & Manicure  
Nail Repair  
Polish Change Hand  

(Cut, trim, shape, and apply Lotion.)

Polish Change Toes  

(Cut, trim, shape, and apply Lotion.)

French or American Hands  

(Cut, trim, shape, and apply Lotion.)

French or American Toes  

(Cut, trim, shape, and apply Lotion.)

Paraffin Dip Hand  
Paraffin Dip Feet  
Pedicure + Gel Color extra  


Full Face  
Full Legs  
Half Legs  
Full Arms  

Body Massage

Deep Body Massage & Relax Massage (30 Minutes)  
Deep Body Massage & Relax Massage (60 Minutes)  
Royal Body Massage (70 mins)  

With warm stones, relaxing heat helps relieve stiffness, soreness, restore energy to aching muscles and joints.

Body Deal with Sugar Scrub (30 Minutes)  
Body Deal with Sugar Scrub (60 Minutes)  

Foot Massage

30 Minutes  
With Hot Stones  

Beauty Services

Eyelash Extension  
Tint Eyebrows